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16 Jul

Who is good on researching purse sellers?

is an example of purses being resold, ships from the USA, photographed with all the right props. But they forgot to write all of it in English 高级时装, 时髦 is in some of the listings

and “brand name ” of LEFT BANK appears in some photos

This one has a model number sticker on it

And these ones come with plastic protectors on the handle, just like from the factory!!


Reseller or not?

28 Apr

All of them, reseller , You can buy anythings like in those shops in market everywhere in Thailand and surely they are not unique!!!!
please ask them how they made?

I saw more shops in etsy. They are reseller. I think this not fair and fake for handmade.
Yes, those are handmade but made from someone or some shop. BUY AND SELL. It is very easy.

Just to give example today. If I search more will see more! It was very sad with this who love real handmade include me.

Reseller or not?

1) ThaiGraceDesigns

Those are just part from

please look from Google,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=bgabT7mjHcjmrAftpoWgDg





21 Apr

I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but this store is reselling and not hiding it. They even state on some listings that the items are from Korea


5 Aug

To me this seller looks like they digitally alter original photographs of famous peeps. They do NOT look like originals at all. Some, maybe, but most, no way. I wonder what the original photographers of all these peeps would think….

Here is what her original stuff looks like.

Her Etsy shop just seems like a bunch of digitally altered pics.

Feel free to prove me wrong tho…

katwise sweater swap

22 Jun

Before we start with today’s callout we need to yet one more time point to the very top line on this blog, “Calling out blatant mistaggers, resellers, and other hot topics since admin won’t let us.” that has been there since February 2009. We are tired of the butthurt we hear when the post is not about resellers. We cover all topics alright?
Now back to a callout that isn’t about a reseller-

“I have bought several upcycled sweater coats from this seller:

She is a sweet lady, don’t get me wrong…but a horrible business owner!
First, her sweater coats sell out SOOO fast that if you have a slow internet connection, you don’t have a chance.  She has a waiting list months long…She is well aware of this issue but REFUSES to sell them on Ebay or online where others with slow internet connections could actually have a chance to buy them! She says “Well if you are meant to have one the right one will come along” uh-huh except if you have a slow internet connection…I guess…
Okay, but here is where it gets STUPID….She has upped the prices on her sweater coats over the years from 200.00  to now 300- 400.00.  She has a Facebook page “Katwise” where if you want to sell one of her sweater coats, you are supposed to use her “sweater swap” discussion topic to sell it there…She and her followers/collectors bad mouth people who try to re-sell them on Ebay because it is not “in the spirit of selling things”…whatever!  Anyhow, I went to try and re-sell one of her sweater coats on her discussion board on Facebook.  Since her items are now selling for around 300+ dollars, that is what I asked for mine.  Well, she GOT ON ME about it and put up a post that it was NOT the original price I paid for it and I needed to ask for significantly LESS if to DICTATE which price I could re-sell it at!! SERIOUSLY!!!??? Who does she think she is!!!! I think all the sweater fibers are contaminating her brain…
 Now I have a dilemma…do I sell it on Ebay and face more of her wrath and the wrath of her followers or re-sell it at the original price on Facebook even though the fair market value has clearly risen?  I feel like it would be easier to sell a stolen Warhol painting at this point!!!!”

OOAK Logos?

6 Jun

Should it be allowed to be called OOAK when it’s a stock image? Discuss.


NOT OOAK image, it’s istock images
NOT OOAK image, it’s istock images
NOT OOAK image, it’s istock images

fineartcn, raceytay

28 Mar

Just found this Chinese fauxtiques shop on Etsy. One of the items was shown in a tiny just-listed thumbnail, and I said WTF and had to click it.

Here’s the shop:

Note the way the antique paintings on paper are tacked to a background for the photos! I took a course on antique Chinese painting at college, which involved weekly trips to the Freer in DC. And a tour of the basement archival storage area for pieces not currently displayed. I can tell ya for sure that antique art is NOT handled this way.

OMG – I just went back and added up the front page features raceytay has had since Jan 1!!!!!! 167 – yes, one hundred sixty seven times she has been on the front page this year thus far!!! 3months

wow….ok, I got nothin’…. except I smell a rat, and there seems to be a whole damn herd of rats on Etsy! WTF????

ECO ETA: All of TeamX gets overexposure. Can the admin picking the treasuries not take the time to look at the tags and when they see “teamx” decide that maybe they don’t need to feature them 10x’s a day and to pick another out of the thousands?