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Revisiting- botanicalcreations

20 Apr

This blog got a mention in Wall Street Journal.


A post from April last year…looks like she changed everything back to sterling silver.

This is an account of a person on another forum who posted this info about the fake sterling she got from an Etsy seller.  As it turns out the seller is now putting a comment in her listings that the chains *may* be plated, but they’re still tagged .925 on the chain itself and also the listing title does not say “plated”, it says “sterling silver”.  I have also attached a photo that this person included showing the results found by the silversmith, chains with the silver removed and the base metal showing through.  Here is the person’s post in its entirety:

Etsy seller

So I met someone at a bead show wearing a chain she got from this seller on Etsy. She mentioned how the price was crazy low for sterling. I ordered a few chains from the shop, just to see for myself. I had a silversmith test the chains, and they are in fact plated. I sent the chains back to the seller, and asked her to please change her listings to plated (and sent photos of the chain, compared to what actual sterling looks like). She said she was so sorry, and that she would change the listings and the titles, which she did, until the next day! The titles now say sterling, but in the description she put a tiny blurb about how they’re probably not real sterling…

I sent Etsy all of this information, and mentioned how many people have bought from this seller, thinking they were getting sterling chains (even if the price was way too low). and they said “I’m sorry to hear this. I have made a note of your complaint on the seller’s account. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you in the meantime.”

I’ve reported several listings, but maybe it would help if some more people did. Here’s the pic, (my silversmith also did an acid test on the clasp and its plated too)

there is a thread about fake sterling on Etsy right now:

UPDATE: Due to pressure from a number of people on the forum this came up on, she has changed the names in the titles to simply say “Silver”.

Might be worth watching this though, as apparently she has done this before then changed it back when she thought the heat was off.



25 Sep

This entire shop is full of tag stuffing. Almost ever item has “hello kitty” in their tags. Drove me crazy when I was actually looking for a hello kitty headband and every one of her hair clips shows up in the search!!!

Revisiting: Spizzpin

1 Sep

Pleasantly surprised that when we were looking for a post from a year ago to revisit that almost all shops posted from this time a year ago where gone! This shop is still at it, listing everything as ivory.

As posted Aug 2010:

This user has a shop full of so called Antique Genuine Ivory Pieces. Yet she has purchased many items from other users which were not ivory and has relisted them as genuine ivory. Heres one example.
Now claiming to be genuine Alaskan ivory
This person is freaking nuts, and making money of it. Some people are really handing over the bucks and receiving old resin pins and brooches. I really think she needs a good lashing.

She also resells left and right. I don’t think she even knows what ivory is since she will list any and everything as it.
Maybe she bought out Sajen recently??
I think Sajen claims they make many of their items from cow bone??

How many pairs of these does she have?

Just put it on a different hook

I guess she has a few of these laying around too??

ananwang, candybead

16 Jun

It is sad to see a once-handmade shop became a reseller shop.

The listing on eBay says… “The item will be shipped from China directly!!”


I did a search on your site and didn’t see this one come up, so I’m submitting it.
First, inappropriate tagging:
I was searching a beaded felt bracelet.  This *necklace* is obviously not a bracelet, felt, anklet, enamel, brooch, nor does it have any charms…
Checked out the watermark and it links off Etsy:

I’ve flagged this item several times and saw the watermark tonight, and then flagged the entire shop.

Edit to add: Candybead’s self callout in the forums:

admin shop- contrary

10 Jun

This is a bit different than many of the complaints here, but I was so blown away when I noticed this today.

Admin marymary has a shop, she sells as contrary.

Get a look at the tag stuffing! Every listing!
silver metal chain
long skinny layering
porcelain bone china
doll leg parts shoes
baby brown boots
antique vintage hand
painted german eery
frozen charlotte
bisque eco friendly
recycled repurposed
weird thuringia foot
halloween creepy

Wonder if reporting this would do any good??LOL

TheBagOutlet, AnnalisJewelry

7 May


The listing by annalis jewelry is titled and tagged as Turquoise with a statement in the listing about the attributes of the Turquoise Stone! This necklace is made with Howlite – this is not Turquoise in any way or fashion. Howlite is a prolific rock/stone that is mined and dyed to resemble Turquoise. It has no holistic properties! She notes that it IS Howlite Turquoise – which is wrong – it is Howlite dyed a turquoise blue. To the average person shopping on Etsy the info she provided is seriously deceiving. This seller is either ignorant or deliberating trying to fool folks.
 Shame on her….
Additionally she has titled the listing as December birthstone and a holiday sale. In addition to being totally false (Howlite is no months birthsatone), this looks tacky given it is April/May.
I understand that Etsy is not juried but blatant fiction likes this hurts other sellers regardless of whether Etsy cares or not.
So sad….
This shop is frequently seen on the FP as a curator and shop.

stonesforcozumel, mariescosycushions

17 Jan
My blood has been boiling for days over this seller.  They are selling silver plated items and calling them sterling silver EVERYWHERE except for a tiny tag down the bottom where they say plated.  It is SO deceptive and illegal.  Please help others learn about this scammer.  Not to mention they are clogging up the sterling silver supply listings and making it hard for people to shop.

Thanks for your help.

Take a look at – not impressive on the negatives, still going and still putting the rest of us to shame.

I don’t have personal experience as a buyer ie it didn’t get that far after I started reading things properly and was quite shocked by the convos she sent to me on an enquiry but I have reported her to Etsy several times for breaking the law (UK/EU) and TOU (in my opinion.)  The policies keep changing to even more extremes and her retalitory feedback is unforgivable, I’d be peeved if I had had to wait 1/4 to 1/3 of a year for cushion covers that are listed as available.