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26 Jun
New shop foreverangelica just opened a few days ago.
Seller is adding a few new reseller jewelry listings each day.  Even the shop’s banner shows a photo of a Chinese factory assembled owl pocket watch pendant necklace, like this one:
Elephant necklace or ring, listed as a “vintage supply”, with a quantity of 40 available!
Elephant ring, new, wholesale:
Elephant necklace, new, wholesale:
Factory assembled new jewelry is neither vintage nor supplies.
New, factory made, octopus necklace listed as 80s vintage in a quantity of 20!
Gotta luv the description!
Same octopus necklace, new, wholesale:
New, factory made, elk ring listed as vintage in a quantity of 20:
Same elk ring, new, wholesale:
New cicada ring (not a beetle, hon!) listed as 90s vintage in a quantity of 20:
Same cicada ring, new, wholesale:
New rhinestone owl pendant necklace, listed as vintage in a quantity of 20:
Same owl pendant necklace, new, wholesale:
The two dresses listed are contemporary, but do not seem to be currently for sale new.  Closet clean out?


17 Jun

This seller was on the front page. I have my doubts as to some of it. The headband that was on the front bag was called vintage. I don’t think its even handmade. Thoughts?

I swear, this seller looks like a heavily coached new store by Portobello. Notice how there is absolutely no personal information about the seller. I immediately recognize a few pieces which I’ve reported Portobello for from Wedding Factory Direct and the rhinestone jewelery website:

The ONLY difference is that the ribbon is cut in the middle. Seriously? This is handmade? I think not.


13 Jun

Re: “vintage” more closet clean out here:

Paris Hilton and Victoria’s Secret vintage perfume? This gal has got some true vintage but why add this garage sale crap? Vintage must mean “I just don’t like it anymore”


21 May

She claims to makes almost all of the items (watch the tags, they are all incorrect) – the other she says she repaints, which she doesn’t×6-picture-frames-set-of-2


16 May
Etsy seller Jennifer of FaeryCouture
went wild in the Forums about a notification received from Etsy about items newer than 20 years old listed as vintage in her shop.
She started 3 threads to whine about her cruel handling by the Marketplace Integrity minions:
using the tragic loss of a pet as a variation of ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuse for not following the rules.
Other than providing a train wreck to gawk at, I found the history of repeated vntage violations in her shop interesting.  It shows how Etsy wastes sellers fees with gentle and very s-l-o-w handling of obvious rule breaking.  Seriously, does Etsy need to send repeated messages to a shop selling as vintage unaltered items with date information in the listings?  FaeryCouture has been listing new items with dates in the listings as vintage for a while!
this one was listed as handmade toys, dated 2008
Currently listed new stuff with dates:
These items are only the dated collectibles.  There are plenty of listings for shoes and other wearables that look newish to me as well, and many items are described as ‘Victorian’ which clearly aren’t.  I am guessing maybe half of her current listngs are actually vintage?


27 Apr
Couture Curtain Desgin
is a seller of handmade and hand-altered items on Etsy.
Problem is she lists her “significantly altered” items in the Vintage category.  As a reward for ignoring the Dos and Don’ts, she was included in the Sunday blog feature Get The Look Decor on Nov. 13 with this item:
which used to be a brass lamp.  Now a painted metal lamp.  And it sold, thanks to Etsy promoting abuse of the vintage category!
She has only a small number of listings in her shop.  But there are more misuses of Vintage included in that small number.
Like this item:
which uses a supposed vintage frame, repainted, to make a hanging chalkboard.  This is not a ‘vintage frame’ as the misleading title states, but a new handmade item.
Another one currently for sale:
Another painted over brass lamp currently for sale:
More examples to see under her sold items.


13 Mar

How does the tacky deer antler seller EarthSeaWarrior  know this 2 year old deer antler is at least 20 years old and can be called vintage? Why would this item be chosen for 7 treasuries within 24 hours? It made me notice another faux item in the dead animal department:
seller says they hand made it and its available from the cast replica company

Also,, per their website “about us” is in a new (multimillion dollar) warehouse and office space! The etsy shop is bait to get you into their dot com shop.