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31 Dec

Earring Go Round Earring Holders Not Handmade by seller


On Amazon : http://www.amazon.com/shops/A3OT3RBFQ9W5RO

Web sites: http://www.earringgoround.org/ http://www.earringgoround.com

Google profile of shop owner: https://profiles.google.com/modernearringtree/about

Electroplated earring holder. Anyone else up for some home electroplating?

From Monique’s own blog:

Welcome to the beginning of our busiest time of the year…… Earring-Go-Round makes the perfect gift! Arrives fully assembled, easy to use and affordable.

We are receiving over 2,000 Earring-Go-Rounds this month and expect to once again receive our award for “Best Holiday Gift Item”. ”

So she’s outsourced the entire manufacture of the item, has been in the top 25% of sellers on Amazon, sells 2000 units a month and is Handmade?