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Tourist Souvenirs

27 Jul

first, let me say that your blog is quite amusing and informative. thanks for keeping us all in the know!

secondly, i want to bring your attention to a few shops – of many – which are international sellers peddling tourist souvenirs as ‘handmade’. as a seller in Asia with only (verifiable! 🙂 vintage items they’re not really my personal competition, but it does hurt my shop when people believe that everything sold from Asia is a fraud.

these two shops sell the EXACT same rubbish that i see in every tourist-trap bazaar, every day. sure, it’s ‘handmade’ somewhere along the way – but in sweatshops by women and kids who then sell it to these people for mere pennies. i don’t think that’s the sort of image Etsy wants to portray…..



i can say for certain that both of these are frauds. in the first – i cannot believe that this ONE person knows how to make EVERY SINGLE STYLE of tourist handbag sold all over town here. on the second, the lady is selling silver, wood, fabric (SAME PURSES as the first one!) and many other mediums, professionally done, and also strangely enough identical to everything in the bazaars.

PLEASE help to rid etsy of sweatshop items!

In other news, regs123 is back from “callout vacation”. She has changed some verbage but it still bothers me that she says “All of my artwork is either hand painted or hand drawn”..just say traced. Even the best artists in the world could not make absolute exact copies. Nice try. It’s still copyright and Disney will find you.



17 Jun

fabrichandbags is a reseller and doesn’t even change her photos from the wholesalers.

Wholesale page: http://shop.asraistyle.com/category.sc?categoryId=3