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30 Jul

This company sells $200,000 in earrings a year on Etsy.


Originally, their profile says they are a couple girls working in Ohio. In fact, this same company admits they are a corporation on Ebay, and on their website, they are a corporation looking for funding.

Check it out.

then check his website


Now check the people in the photos. These are not their workers or artists, they have some kind of deal to get photos. In fact, most of the photos on Ebay are of the carvers wife.
They were on etsy before, but etsy made them remove the photos. There are no tribal earrings being made in Ohio. This company claims to have a warehouse in Calif?

One more thing, this company does many of the larger jewelry shows. This is an Afro American that owns the company, and brags that he got the idea to resell earrings from
traveling on holiday and selling people selling on the net while there are traveling.

So, what part of “I’m an artist does this fit into. This company should have their own callout page?

They also claim to be spreading love and light and be helping artists. Ya, they are helping them make slave labor money. Congrats for being a complete opportunist! Also, congrats to Etsy for keeping these people on Etsy for years so they can become rich! Where is the new media when you need them.

Don’t forget this show, you can go there and help this guy get more rich! Right?


or at this show, big money at a music festival


Don’t forget to check them out here too!


here is what they say about themselves!

Our company is Called Coco Loco and we specialize in hand carved tribal style earrings made from organic materials. We use several types of hardwoods, coconut, bone, horn, shell, and tagua nut. All of our materials are either sustainably harvested or reclaimed and our company is certified green by Green America. We have been working directly with a group of master carvers in Indonesia for years and strive to not only sustain but better the lives of the artisans we work with. Our product is one of a kind in its quality and designs and would be a great addition to your festival.

Lets modify this. They have been reselling on Etsy for years and soaking up the money. Their product is also sold by just about everybody on Etsy. The same carvers need money to survive since they work for everybody. So, about the one of a kind part, I would have to say “Bah” to that!

What you get with this company is exploitation to over-ride real artists on Etsy. Plus they lead the pack of people re-selling earrings on etsy.

They are now being copied by another company in Ha that also orders from the same carvers and makes nothing! Look!

This is a guy that is on Ebay and has a shop in Ha. He was not doing too well on Ebay selling Fake Jade and earrings, so he decided to follow tribalstyle on Etsy. When he first arrived, he used the same photos he had on Ebay. Now he is trying to copy the look and feel of their photos to horn in on their Etsy business. He often lowballs people on prices hoping to do this. Look.

Look at his profile on Etsy.


Aloha to Anela’s jade

welcome to our store in Hilo , Hawaii
owned by Charles & XueMei Devine

My wife hand made many items from Jade and Pearls .

He is handmaking his items? Real jade only comes from Burma. Most of it is smuggled into China through Rulee, then cut into jewelry. I suspect he orders all his stuff from China and sells it as is.

Here he is on Ebay, and he took the name of somebody on Etsy.


Or, we have to wonder if this is his second shop on Etsy? One in Ha and one in Fla?

If you go to this link here, it tells you all about anela’s jade on Ebay

Here he is today, he changed all his photos to look like tribalstyle!


SEE! He is a reseller, he has a retail store, he makes nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, why is this guy still on Etsy? He even copies the designs of Tribalstyle


If you have some spare time, you should be bashing these vendor’s. You can see that there is so much money selling these earrings on etsy that people are fighting each other tooth and nail to get a piece of it!. Meanwhile, Etsy does nothing to clean this obvious market up!!!!!!!!!!